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Product Information Management

censhare connects product master data with all relevant information and media for production and output across all channels.

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Master Product Complexity

Maintaining product information for presentation and publication in product flyers, online shops or catalogs is often extremely time consuming for retailers and the industry. Master data, structures, logos, media and texts have to be interconnected and updated across multiple systems.

Product communications are different with censhare. Product Information Management (PIM) provides flexible handling of products in any required structure, complete with all content and resources. Integrated with all content processes, our product management software controls and manages the automated output across all media. Connect commerce with marketing – for a transparent product management and error-free communication in all channels, regions and languages.

Product Data Integration

censhare Digital Experience Platform: Data integration of the application Product Information Management.

Connect the censhare PIM software with external systems via interfaces, as well as transfer and consolidate product data from ERP systems, or suppliers from Excel and CSV files.

  • Interfaces for integrating external systems

  • Transfer data from Excel and XML

Product Data Management

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Manage all product information and form hierarchies with product groups, families and variants as required. Use your PIM solution to link product data with media and product descriptions.

  • Flexible product information structures

  • In-line processing of product masterdata

  • Connections to all media assets

  • Mass processing of products

  • Process based automation

  • Manage different product variants

A Modern Approach to Marketing Product Information

Efficiency, security and manageability should all be taken into account when considering your product information management system. This whitepaper will highlight what to look for and help guide you in making an informed decision.

Read More in the Whitepaper

Product Data Quality

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Check the completeness of your product content at a glance and use individual approval processes for checking data.

  • Configurable completeness check

  • Integrated workflows

  • Versioning of all content

Product Data Export

censhare Digital Experience Platform: Data export of the application Product Information Management.

With integrated product content management, publish directly out of your PIM solution to all communication channels or transfer product information to external systems.

  • Manual, partial or fully automated export to all communication channels

  • Provision to external systems via XML feeds and REST interface

Universal, Smart Content Management

All applications extend the functionality of censhare and are completely integrated with each other. All content and information is part of the semantic network and available in every application.

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