Webinar Recording: AI for Digital Asset Management

Our partner savotex presents the game changer AI - seamlessly integrated into Digital Assset Management Software. Furthermore, an overview of the development of AI, current potentials, applications and best practices for more efficient work. Generate texts automatically, classify images or automate entire processes? No problem!

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    AI for Digital Asset Management

    Our partner savotex introduces new applications of AI for Digital Asset & Product Information Management (DAM & PIM)

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    5 Must-Have Capabilities of a Modern DAM

    Learn the enterprise platform must-haves to maximize your growth and scale into the future.

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    Get ahead of the Product evolution

    When it comes to your product, it’s time to start thinking outside the box. PIM and DAM platforms aren’t just for companies with physical products: optimize your data and integration approaches.

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    Future-proofing your DAM selection

    Whether you are choosing your first Digital Asset Management solution or looking to upgrade - this webinar is for you.

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    Connect your marketing campaigns

    Successfully manage your projects, digital assets and content by connecting the industry-leading work management solution, Workfront, with censhare.

  6. HSEvents-introduction-to-pim.png

    The PIM Business case: what it is and how it works

    A HSEvents webinar on DAM and Product Information Management at BEGA North America, sponsored by censhare.

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    Analysing the global DAM vendor landscape

    Peter O’Neill speaks about the challenges that the DAM market presents for the potential buyer, and how to overcome them.

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    Webinar: PIM & DAM roundtable

    An on demand session featuring a panel of experts on PIM and DAM – definition, differences and challenges

  9. Make more Content_1-1.png

    Make more content

    Turn your brand into a content powerhouse, with this on demand session from Bizibl, in partnership with censhare and its customer Slimming World, and hear from publishing Systems expert James Naylor.

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