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Discover censhare Partner Solutions

Tools and apps from the censhare partner community to extend the scope of censhare.

Specialist partner solutions

Partner solutions extend and expand the capabilities of the censhare omnichannel content platform and offer you the tools and apps for efficient, high impact solutions that make a difference. Whatever your business aims are, our partner network is ready to meet your needs.

  1. logo_mpp-360.png

    Marketing Production Portal for censhare


  2. Savotex_Akeneo_box_EN_0104.jpg

    Akeneo Connector


  3. Savotex_ChatGPT_box_EN_11-2023-m.jpg

    ChatGPT Connector


  4. Savotex_DeepL_box_EN_11-2023-m.jpg

    DeepL Connector


  5. Savotex_Retresco_box_EN_11-2023-m.jpg

    Retresco Connector


  6. Savotex_Slide_box_EN_0104.jpg

    Slides Connector


  7. emmet-microsoft.connector-teaser.png

    censhare Connector for Microsoft Office®

    Emmet Software Labs

  8. 2022-msp-workfront-connector-teaser.png

    MSP Workfront Connector

    MSP AG

  9. msp_retail_module_teaser.png

    MSP Retail Module

    MSP AG

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The truly integratable content platform

From countless connectors we have built, to partner solutions and specialized technology partners – with censhare, you can count on a truly integratable platform and a powerful partner ecosystem.

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