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Centralizes your digital assets into a single source of truth.

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Bring every image, video, document and file under complete control and always have access to the latest assets. Automating content production and data provisioning enables you to eliminate the human errors often involved in managing translations, variants, targeting and other time-consuming and costly tasks. It’s the help your teams need to produce more, faster. It’s how you can respond rapidly to new market opportunities with accurate, brand consistent content. It’s how you deliver the flawless experiences your customers expect in every channel they use.

censhare Digital Asset Management (DAM)

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What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) provides a centralized solution for managing digital content, such as images, videos, text documents, graphics, media files, presentations and more.

With censhare Digital Asset Management, your teams can:

  • Collaborate to create and update assets and asset variants
  • Store and manage assets centrally
  • Add unlimited reference information and tags
  • Find any content quickly


customers globally


trusted partners


inhouse experts

Scale customer experiences

Ensure consistent customer experiences at scale, from ecommerce and online, to mobile, print, digital signage, and more.

Power your omnichannel growth

Grow your business by producing, transforming, and using more high-quality content faster, and with better targeting.

Enjoy total flexibility

censhare is the content platform that can be flexibly integrated into an existing MarTech stack.

Speed to market

Fully integrated DAM, PIM and Content Management capabilities speed up introduction of new use cases, content, channels, and workflows.

At your command

Simplicity and speed. Each asset can be linked to a target audience, source, usage rights and much more, so finding any item is a breeze.

Upload, edit and download

Upload any file type as a digital asset by drag and drop, via automated processes or interfaces (APIs).

  • Supports all file formats, including video and 3D
  • Bulk upload and export via drag and drop
  • Automated import and export
  • Transfer of metadata (XMP, EXIF, IPTC)
  • Multi level duplicate checks


press shots auto sorted every day


Manage, organize and archive

Functions for managing, organizing, and archiving digital assets and associated metadata.

Automated Versioning

All changes are tracked in the system and can be reverted to a previous version easily.

Image and video version generation

Create image and video files for specific needs and formats on the fly.

Interactive previews

Assets get previews for all relevant file formats, including 3D.

Manage language, region, and content versions

For each asset, include information on language versions, target audiences, suitability for specific channels, or any other information.

"We are just scratching the surface. censhare is central to our ambitions to develop modern Martech capabilities. The DAM has met our expectations extremely well. We have a highly workable system, global users are engaged and we are excited about the opportunities for the future."
Richard Swaziek,

Senior Director, Creative Operations, Lands’ End

Search, find and filter

Full text search for all content and metadata.

  • Multiple views with filters
  • Smart, detailed, and expert search
  • Smart, intuitive filters
  • Searches can be stored and shared
  • Intuitive complex searches


customers globally


years in business


support if needed

Omnichannel content management at scale

Because censhare DAM shares the same database with our PIM and Content Management, you can flexibly combine all capabilities to automatically transform assets and product information for delivery across every channel.

  • Scale your omnichannel CX
  • Produce more, faster
  • Consistent high-end content production

The Forrester Wave™: Digital Asset Management For Customer Experience

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