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Create media neutral content once and automatically transform it for any channel.

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Production hassles are gone

With CMS, you have the power to provide the flawless experience your customers expect in every channel, online or offline, including print.

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What is Content Management?

Create assets once and then use them anywhere online and in print.

With all your content produced centrally you can:

  • Produce, translate and transform content easily and rapidly for any channel
  • Efficiently manage websites without the need for specialized technical skills
  • Reduce the costs of publishing omnichannel content through automated, accurate transfer of content compared to manual systems
  • Free up creative resources through automation so you can focus on delivering the best customer experiences


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Scale customer experiences

Ensure consistent customer experiences at scale, from ecommerce and online, to mobile, print, digital signage, and more.

Power your omnichannel growth

Grow your business by producing, transforming and using more high-quality content faster, and with better targeting.

Enjoy total flexibility

censhare is the content platform that can be flexibly integrated into an existing MarTech stack.

Speed to market

Fully integrated DAM, PIM and Content Management capabilities speed up introduction of new use cases, content, channels, or workflows.

At your command

The 'Content as a Service' layer allows you to hand content to partners, channels or service providers for further processing. The API allows app developers to create omnichannel applications with ease.

Powerfully simple content management

censhare manages all product information relating it directly to product groups, families, and variants. Links product data to media and product descriptions.

  • Integrated content editor with output channel previews and word/character counter
  • Multi-lingual standard document structure based on XML
  • Variants for output channels with specific characteristics
  • Workflows, notifications, and automatic processes
  • Transform and export content to web, mobile, POS and print
  • Flexible functions for content export to any other channel


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Content data quality

Checks the quality of content data and identifies potential improvements.

Configurable completeness checks

Checks the completeness of content

Individual approval processes

Any step during creation can ask for individual approval to eliminate incorrect content and data

Integrated workflows

Flexible workflows enable collaboration including with 3rd party suppliers.

Versioning of all content

All changes are tracked in the system and can be reverted to a previous version easily.

"We now experience one approval cycle per day, on average, which corresponds to three to four times as much output as before. That of course acts very much like a turbo boost for marketing."
Dirk Zirnstein,

Brand Manager/ Projekt Manager censhare, URSAPHARM

Neutral content (XML)

Content is saved in media neutral, semantically labeled XML.

  • Enables programmatic processing for different channels
  • Schema definition with RELAX NG, the high performance schema description language for document oriented content




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Omnichannel content management at scale

Because censhare Content Management shares the same database with our DAM and PIM, you can flexibly combine all capabilities to automatically transform any content, assets and product information for delivery across every channel.

  • Scales your omnichannel CX
  • Produce more, faster
  • Consistent high-end content production

Research in Action: Vendor Selection Matrix Brand Content Management, 2021

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