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Use Modules to Fine-Tune Your Control

Make use of additional features to perform specific tasks more efficiently and effectively.

Increase your expertise

Choose from a range of add-on modules that let you offer highly customized solutions.

Instead of tying up your teams with time-consuming specialist tasks such as producing multiple variants of publications and delivering localized offers, simply tap into features specifically developed for this work.

Extend your censhare solution with specific capabilities

  • Only pay for the specialisms you need
  • Add modules now or later, whenever you need them
  • Pick any combination and know it all works seamlessly

Available modules

Headless Content Management

Print Production Management

Translation & Localization

Variant Management & Targeting

Marketing Project Management

Web Content Management



The truly integratable content platform

From countless connectors we have built, to partner solutions and specialized technology partners – with censhare, you can count on a truly integratable platform and a powerful partner ecosystem.


by leading brands around the world

Totally flexible

integration into your landscape

Reduces complexity

of your MarTech stack

Drive growth

Use more content types for more sales and marketing channels

Deliver flawless customer experiences

Ensure consistent, targeted high-end content

Do more, faster

Tap new opportunities through automated content production.

Unlock new ways of working

Connect your teams with all-digital content for easier, time-saving collaboration on projects

Add use cases as your business grows

With a central omnichannel content platform, you can unlock new use cases whenever needed, without having to implement or onboard any new systems.

  • Content Hub

    Create a single source of truth for all your content, all your teams and all your channels and communication.

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  • Headless CMS

    Connect with any system, device or application and control censhare via external systems.

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  • Print Production Management

    Create and produce print material with integrated page planning, workflows, and automation.

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  • Brand Management

    Unify all brand assets such as logos, brand artwork, images and control it's adaptation and usage.

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