Target More Easily and More Accurately

Develop and track all variants for all audiences with the Variants Management and Targeting module.

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Manage multiple document variants

Today’s market often demands customized messages to diverse audiences. When you need to provide a range of collateral variants promoting similar products, an automated coordinated solution ensures accuracy and speed to market.

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Precise targeting calls for tailored content

Create and tailor content - So you can easily promote product variants to different audiences.
Deliver local market variants - Such as offers for individual stores, different contact details, localized addresses.
Manage translation variants - Know you are talking to your audience in their preferred language.
Reduce human errors - Automated tasks reduce complexity and simplify management and tracking.


Gain control over your content variants

Keep your complex content portfolio under control. Create context and relevance between target groups, information, and content assets. This greatly simplifies the use of digital assets in any marketing channel.

  • Simplify the use of digital assets in any channel
  • Automatically update content variants based on changes to master files
  • Use fine detail to precisely match target audience groups


more efficiency in advertising materials production processes


Targeting made easy

Set your variants

Create variants based on defined target groups, languages, regions and more.

Define your targets

Create context between target groups, information and content, and rules to deliver content and content variants matching personal interests.

Refine your targets

Target groups can be referenced on products, contents and information of any kind.

Set targeting rules

Deliver content to match interests as defined in user profiles.

"We have been able to reduce the costs of producing advertising material by a tremendous measure and to organize the process far more efficiently and transparently.”
Promotions Management, Migros

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Create and manage all variants

Easily develop and track all variants. The module creates context and relevance between target groups, information and content by tagging assets. Select the right content by matching multiple tags to target a specific audience.

  • Easier to select specific audiences
  • Easier to select content
  • Simpler to track progress

The Forrester Wave™: Digital Asset Management For Customer Experience

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