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Always High Quality. Always Targeted. Always Engaging.

censhare makes it easy to produce personalized customer information and marketing collaterals, whether you manage a large product portfolio or a network of channel partners.

How censhare powers finance and insurance brands

With a universal platform that combines Digital Asset Management, Product Information Management and Content Management, censhare means you can grow your business by providing flawless experiences faster, in more channels, online or offline.

Grow your business

Our content production platform ensures consistent customer experiences at scale, from ecommerce and online, to mobile, print, digital signage, and more, so you can grow your business by producing, transforming and using more high-quality content faster, and with better targeting.

  • Launch new products and product variants swiftly
  • Add sales and marketing channels
  • Use more content types
  • Provide a more personalized approach


agencies using the system

die Mobiliar - censhare Customer Success Story

Total flexibility

Flexibly integrate the platform into your existing Marketing Technology stack

It plays nicely with other systems and is open for all content types, data models, contributors and channels.

Fully integrated DAM, PIM and CMS capabilities that grow as you grow

censhare scales as your business grows and enables new use cases without wasting time and money for new tools, data migration and training.

Work with any data from any source and transform content for almost any data type

Connect anyone to your platform to find, use and collaborate on any content type.

Flexibly add users, infrastructure and capabilities as needed

Grow your business thanks to exceptional reliability and scalability trusted by some of the world’s biggest organizations.

"It would take many days to make a change using our old system. In the censhare demonstrations it was just a push of a button. People could see it, otherwise they may not have believed it."
Peter Lemmens,

Consultant Change, AZL

Flawless experiences

Our centralized content production platform ensures consistent customer omnichannel experiences at scale, enabling you to provide the right content at the right time, in the right channel, including print.

  • Complete content consistency
  • Channel agnostic
  • Instantly available
The Forrester Wave™: Digital Asset Management For Customer Experience, Q4 2019

The Forrester Wave™: Digital Asset Management For Customer Experience, Q4 2019

Faster workflows

censhare provides the tools, workflows and processes for you to create and deliver product and marketing content for any channel, in any language, locally or globally.

  • Flexible workflows enable collaboration across the organization, including with 3rd party suppliers and channel partners
  • Workflow automation can cope with large amounts of content
  • Quality checks for content and data, including quality gates for intuitive project overviews
  • Transparent, all-digital approval processes speed up content production


faster content changes

URSAPHARM - censhare Customer Success Story

Why censhare

Every aspect of our semantic database technology helps reduce time and costs. All content resides on a single platform to form a single source of truth and is interlinked, bringing every image, video, document and file under complete control.


Proven track record

Close collaboration with our clients has created a product that is fit for purpose and solves real life needs. Rely on exceptional depth of experience gained from working with hundreds of leading brands around the world, including leading retailers.

Mature technology

Our technology has been developed and refined over two decades to help you find the right content in an instant and use it where it adds most value to your business. It adapts to your workflows and infrastructure, developing and maturing alongside your organization.

Die Mobiliar - censhare Customer Success Story
Die Mobiliar - censhare Customer Success Story

A highly dependable general solution

Swiss insurance company, die Mobiliar, deploys censhare's integrated publishing solution to ensure speed, flexibility and structure to its communication processes.

azl - censhare Customer Success Story
azl - censhare Customer Success Story

Tailoring content for pension providers: this time it’s personal

This leading Dutch provider of administration and customer communications for pension funds was looking for a fast and flexible way to generate personalized letters and marketing information on behalf of its pension provider clients.

R+V - censhare Customer Success Story
R+V - censhare Customer Success Story

Content platform automates insurer’s marketing production

R+V Versicherung deploys censhare in the cloud as the core content delivery component in its comprehensive martech stack.

How an omnichannel content platform can help

Connect and master all of your brand assets, product information and workflows with one central platform and automate omnichannel content processes.

Omnichannel Content Platform

Add use cases as your business grows

With a central omnichannel content platform, you can unlock new use cases whenever needed, without having to implement and onboard new systems.

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