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Get the Right Content to the Right People

Work with multiple document variants and target each one to a specific audience.

Simplify even the most complex targeting

As demographics change and people’s demands and buying habits evolve, customizing messages to reach diverse audiences is the new normal. censhare provides an automated, coordinated approach to managing.

Your content under control

Remove the need for manually updated to-do lists as well as separate and widely varying project management systems. Now you can deliver content tailored to audience interests based on user data that shows which segments a customer belongs to.

  • Create and deliver tailored content to audiences
  • Create and manage variants of marketing content
  • Select content variants in fine detail to deliver precisely
Your content under control - Project Editor


weekly variants of magazine in 10 regions

censhare Customer Success Story

Reach local markets

Use relevant variants

With all your digital assets and data always at your fingertips, you can engage your customers with relevant regional and local content as expected.

Always on brand

Deliver consistent customer experiences at scale, from ecommerce and online, to mobile, print, digital signage and more.

No more errors

Automation eliminates nasty errors from manual data transfer and ensures your customers see the latest images, information and pricing.

Always high quality

Produce consistent content every time with fast approvals and easy management of all variables.

"In marketing, censhare has brought us extreme increases in efficiency and with that also falling costs. "
Matthias Wesselmann,

Former Head of Group Marketing & Communication, Vitra

Deliver content faster

Automation cuts out many time-consuming costly tasks, so you can publish faster and more frequently.

  • Automatically update content variants based on changes to master files
  • Fewer review cycles thanks to streamlined content creation and all-digital processes, including approvals
Deliver content faster - with censhare automated exports
Research in Action: Vendor Selection Matrix Brand Content Management, 2021

Research in Action: Vendor Selection Matrix Brand Content Management

BSH - censhare Customer Success Story
BSH - censhare Customer Success Story

Cleaning up Content Management with a flexible new platform

BSH Hausgeräte GmbH enjoys coordination and control of its content, transforming its productivity and bringing its customers the product information they need, thanks to a bespoke project from censhare.

REWE - censhare Customer Success Story
REWE - censhare Customer Success Story

Centralized ad media production and automation for retail

REWE Markt GmbH, part of the leading european trade and tourism cooperative, REWE Group, reached for censhare to confront the complexity of data and process management for its German customer base.

Lands' End - censhare Customer Success Story
Lands' End - censhare Customer Success Story

Setting the pattern for profitable growth

With censhare Digital Asset Management (DAM) underpinning its marketing technology stack, leading clothing retailer Lands’ End has a sturdy foundation for strong global expansion.

motor presse stuttgart - censhare Customer Success Story
motor presse stuttgart - censhare Customer Success Story

Think global, act local

Motor Presse Stuttgart equips itself for the digital age with censhare as a unifying omnichannel publishing solution across its global network of subsidiaries and licensed partners.

Why censhare

Every aspect of our semantic database technology helps reduce time and costs. All content resides on a single platform to form a single source of truth and is interlinked, bringing every image, video, document and file under complete control.


Proven track record

Close collaboration with our clients has created a product that is fit for purpose and solves real life needs. Rely on exceptional depth of experience gained from working with hundreds of leading brands around the world.

Mature technology

Our technology has been developed and refined over two decades to help you find the right content in an instant and use it where it adds most value to your business. It adapts to your workflows and infrastructure, developing and maturing alongside your organization.

How an omnichannel content platform can help

Connect and master all of your brand assets, product information and workflows with one central platform and automate omnichannel content processes.

Omnichannel Content Platform

Content mastery for every business sector

Whether you’re a retailer, a manufacturer, in finance & insurance, or in media & publishing – censhare enables you to master your content.

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