Efficient content management in the omnichannel retailing world

In modern omnichannel retail marketing, it's vital to reach customers with precise and relevant content across many channels. This paper provides orientation and gives tips on how to master the challenge.

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  1. AIforDAM-TN.jpg

    Unleashing Magic: Transforming DAM with AI

    This white paper examines the benefits and limitations of AI integrations in digital asset management systems.

  2. ManufacturingEbookWebImage.png

    Manufacturing PIM, DAM and CMS

    Manufacturer's can explore effective omnichannel strategies, implementation tips, and the power of a centralized content platform. Learn how these systems drive efficiency, scalability, and discover add-ons like automated translation for global impact.

  3. lg-content-2col-4-3.png

    The ultimate guide to PIM, DAM and CMS for retail

    Learn how to manage your product information, assets and content efficiently and effectively with this ebook. Discover how to streamline your content workflow and boost customer experience.

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  1. EMPWebImage.png

    The Ultimate Media Production Playbook

    Streamline your media production workflow and boost efficiency with censhare's modular solution.

  2. 220919_MRM Market Overview_page1.png

    Marketing Resource Management: Zweck, Merkmale und Anbietermarkt

    Marketing Resource Management: Purpose, Characteristics and Supplier Market - A market overview from b.telligent

  3. censhare-whitepaper-HCMS-headless-content-management-EN-2022_Page_01.png

    Exploring the advantages of Headless CMS

    A paper exploring the advantages a Headless CMS for your organization, supporting new possibilities for your content and the audiences waiting to consume it.

  4. theresa_regli_whitepaper-compellingly_connected_page_1.png

    Compellingly connected

    A paper by industry expert Theresa Regli, exploring how integrated content management fundamentally improves the way enterprises work, through centralized content processes and operations for heightened efficiency and quality.

  5. bizibl-martech-buyers-guide-dam-censhare-Page-1.png

    Martech buyers guide: Digital Asset Management

    Digital content is the central tenet of modern marketing. This guide helps you explore the true potential of DAM, and identify the opportunities that matter most for your brand.

  6. TheresaRegliWhitepaperDAMDynamic_Page_1.png

    DAM & dynamic production

    Industry analyst and DAM expert, Theresa Regli, looks at the disconnected state of the many vendor solutions across the MarTech software industry, and how this can let enterprise organizations down.

  7. whitepaper-adapting-to-the-digital-business-imperative_page_1.png

    Adapting to the digital business imperative

    Exploring the vital role of omnichannel content management in addressing the challenges of enabling and engaging a remote workforce, improving the experience of the digital consumer and removing costs.

  8. censhare-whitepaper-brand-management-in-the-digital-age-EN-2022_Page_01.png

    Brand management in the digital age

    censhare explores the challenges of brand management on both the global and regional stage and advises on how they can be effectively overcome through a complete and central control of your brand assets.

  9. censhare-whitepaper-thinking-about-content-EN-2022_Page_01.png

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning in Content Management

    A censhare paper exploring how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies can be, and are being, employed within the realms of content management to ensure precision and efficiency in the processing of digital content and data assets, at as low a cost as possible.

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