1. censhare-whitepaper-thinking-about-content-EN-2022_Page_01.png

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning in Content Management

    A censhare paper exploring how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies can be, and are being, employed within the realms of content management to ensure precision and efficiency in the processing of digital content and data assets, at as low a cost as possible.

  2. censhare-whitepaper-packaging-2021-EN-Page1-1.png

    Enable effective packaging with universal Content Management

    This paper discusses key packaging challenges & how these pain points can be resolved through the centralization of packaging operations via integrated content management, and the transformational impact it can have on operations.

  3. state-of-universal-content-management-graphic2.png

    The state of universal Content Management 2020

    New research based on a global survey of more than 700 business professionals, has revealed the importance of an integrated and centralized approach to content management, no matter the size and scale of an organization's operations.

  4. censhare-whitepaper-print-collateral-EN-2022-Page1.png

    How to Reach Ultimate Efficiency in Retail Print Collateral Production

    A censhare whitepaper exploring centralized and automated print management solutions.

  5. whitepaper-getting-started-with-omnichannel-marketing-page-1-EN.jpg

    Getting started with omnichannel marketing

    This paper guides you step by step through the stages of becoming an organization that routinely benefits from omnichannel customer engagement.

  6. censhare-whitepaper-publishers-taking-cue-from-digital-EN-2022-Page1.png

    Publishers Taking Cues From Digital

    A censhare whitepaper in which we look at four key factors helping print and digital publishers succeed where others have failed.

  7. theresa-regli-whitepaper -dam-and-pim-a-match-made-in-martech_page_1.jpg

    DAM and PIM: A match made in MarTech

    Theresa Regli explores product data and digital asset management, and how to align these data types in a key move towards successful and targeted customer communications.

  8. censhare-whitepaper-why-marketers-need-to-rethink.jpg

    Why marketers need to rethink

    Improve your content creation, customization and translation, and enable better access to product information to facilitate more effective communication.

  9. DCG-omnichannel-success-report-2019.png

    Omnichannel Success Depends on Knowing Your Customer

    A DCG Insight Brief on omnichannel as an essential building block for customer experience

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