1. simo-analyse-pim-2020.png

    "Die Quintessenz zur Software censhare"

    An analysis of the censhare PIM solution based on a broad catalog of criteria, explores what it can do for your organization and what needs to be considered before implementation. German only.

  2. DCG_DXP_Report_2018.png

    Digital Experience Platforms: Buyer trends, preferences, and strategies

    300 business and IT leaders across the US and Europe share insight into how they deliver exceptional customer experiences through digital experience platforms.

  3. censhare-DCG-marketers-speak.jpg

    Success Depends on Mastering the Business Practice of Content Management

    A Digital Clarity Group report on core attitudes about the role that content management plays in effective B2B marketing.

  4. censhare-whitepaper-HOT-DAM-10-DAM-selection-EN-2022-Page1.png

    HOT DAM 10: Choosing Your DAM Solution

    10 things you need to know when selecting Digital Asset Management software

  5. censhare-whitepaper-HOT-DAM-10-Finance-EN-Page1.png

    HOT DAM 10: Trends in Finance

    This censhare whitepaper presents 10 opportunities you can take advantage of by upgrading your digital foundation and turn traditional risks into opportunities.

  6. censhare-whitepaper-HOT-DAM-10-Retail-EN-Page1.png

    HOT DAM 10: Retail Edition

    10 Things you need to know about digital asset management in retail

  7. censhare-whitepaper-HOT-DAM-10-Manufacturing-EN-2022-Page1.png

    HOT DAM 10: Manufacturing Edition

    10 considerations when choosing the right digital technology platform for your manufacturing business and how to get the most out of it.

  8. censhare-whitepaper-five-truths-real-time-content-EN-Page1.png

    Five Truths about Real Time Content

    A censhare whitepaper revealing how to get ahead of the real time content curve.

  9. censhare-whitepaper-marketing-product-information-EN-2022-Page1.png

    A Modern Approach to Marketing Product Information

    This whitepaper highlights what you need to know about your next PIM platform and guides you in making an informed decision.

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