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Xeditor lets you create professional multi-media publications, editorials, documents and more without specialist technical knowledge.

Deliver smart WYSIWYG content
with ease


censhare’s integration with Xeditor gives you a fully operational version on your browser. This provides visual XML editing with an intuitive WYSIWYG experience which includes support for comments, tracked changes and custom schemas.

When you simply want to create and edit text content, you can hide the XML code with a single click and see the effects of your edits right away. For XML specialists, all the options are at their fingertips.


Xeditor sits alongside our own fully integrated content editor as a licensed option and all censhare features and functions work with it seamlessly.

  • Flexibly define and edit structures using XML schemas
  • Show and hide XML code with a single click
  • Create, add, edit, and store text content in native WYSIWYG mode and without being exposed to the complexity of XML
  • Add inline comments
  • Track changes
  • Display specific tags
  • Undo and redo actions
  • Seamless cut & paste functionality
  • Create and edit tables and formulas
  • Place media files and text assets directly from censhare

Why censhare

Every aspect of our semantic database technology helps reduce time and costs. All content resides on a single platform to form a single source of truth and is interlinked, bringing every image, video, document and file under complete control.


Proven track record

Close collaboration with our clients has created a product that is fit for purpose and solves real life needs. Rely on exceptional depth of experience gained from working with hundreds of leading brands around the world.

Mature technology

Our technology has been developed and refined over two decades to help you find the right content in an instant and use it where it adds most value to your business. It adapts to your workflows and infrastructure, developing and maturing alongside your organization.

How an omnichannel content platform can help

Connect and master all of your brand assets, product information and workflows with one central platform and automate omnichannel content processes.

Omnichannel Content Platform

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