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  • The Platform for Marketing and Communication

    The censhare Digital Experience Platform allows you to master complex information processes and shape value creating customer interactions. Our best of breed applications connect information with people in real time.

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  • The Power of a Semantic Network

    censhare's semantic network is able to relate all data and will move your departments out of their respective silos and into one cohesive team.

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  • A Modern Approach to Marketing Product Information

    Efficiency, security and manageability should all be taken into account when considering your product information management system. This whitepaper will highlight what to look for and help guide you in making an informed decision.

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Gartner Report Market Guide for Digital Asset Management

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Digital Experience Platform

censhare powers inspiring omnichannel marketing. Customer interactions are planned, managed, realized and optimized consistently for all channels in a central platform. Experience faster and better communications with every individual via every touchpoint.

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