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Master Your Content by Going All Digital

Streamline your business by enabling all-digital content workflows for everyone.

Take the next step and digitally transform your business

Businesses produce more diverse content every day. And as the world gets more connected, the number of touchpoints skyrockets, calling for even more content. Keeping all that content consistent overwhelms many organizations. Gain back control by transforming into a digitally driven organization that masters any content effortlessly to connect with customers on any channel, in any language, locally or globally.

Collaboration for everyone

Enable collaboration on content projects for everyone in your organization, and with external suppliers. Enjoy higher content quality and faster content production.

  • Everyone involved in content production collaborates seamlessly on digital assets
  • Simultaneous, all-digital approval processes make content processes faster and transparent
  • Remove boundaries between external and internal team members and let content suppliers upload their files directly to censhare
  • Granular access rights and permissions for different users or user groups ensure that everyone sees just the content he’s supposed to see
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users around the world


Make all content available to your organization

Start finding, stop searching

With the latest content always available for your teams, it’s easy to find the right content.

Ensure brand consistency

Provide brand assets and templates centrally to streamline your brand and messaging across your markets and channels.

Let everyone contribute

As the entire organization can find, use and contribute content, it’s easier to identify and fix errors and inconsistencies.

Create more content, faster

Automated provisioning of product information for your content projects enables you to create and publish more content, more often, and in more channels.

"By integrating censhare, we have achieved significantly faster, simpler, and more flexible processes overall for data management and distribution."
Christine Wälchli,

Business Analyst, ESA

Deliver content to all channels

Use automation to transform content flexibly for all downstream systems and channels that matter to you and grow your business through new channels and in new markets.

  • Automatically create the right transformations for each new asset, and deliver them to the right channel
  • Create and manage translations for any language and apply them to all your channels and collateral
  • Easily change content for many documents at the same time
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SIMIO: Quintessence for the software censhare

Get rid of manual tasks

Speed up content production by avoiding manual steps like data transfer between systems, consolidation of comments, or paper-based approvals.

  • Use automated data provisioning to avoid manual data lookup and transfer
  • All-digital approval processes make content processes faster and transparent
  • Collect the feedback of your colleagues directly at the asset that you are working on and eliminate manual consolidation of comments
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more efficiency in advertising production


Let artificial intelligence tools do the heavy lifting

Auto-tag images and videos

Add descriptions and keywords to your metadata that have been generated using fully integrated AI tools

Automatically identify copy

Extract any text that is contained in your images or videos and automatically enrich the assets’ metadata

Create transcriptions of your videos

Make videos findable by generating transcriptions of the audio tracks and link the full text to your video

Auto-translate texts

Use advanced AI tools for translating tags, descriptions, articles, product information, and more

"We can show every color option as a worn item, a benefit of the expanded management of digital assets that was not possible without censhare’s integration and digital asset management capabilities."
Richard Swaziek,

Senior Director, Creative Operations, Lands’ End

Hearst Magazines UK - censhare Customer Success Story
Hearst Magazines UK - censhare Customer Success Story

The changing face of media

Hearst UK was looking to make its print business more efficient while increasing revenue from new streams – all without compromising the quality of its published content. Today, they auto-sort 20,000 press photos every day.

URSAPHARM - censhare Customer Success Story
URSAPHARM - censhare Customer Success Story

Content centralization for efficient healthcare marketing

URSAPHARM, a European leader in the pharmaceutical manufacturing, uses censhare to store and manage all digital marketing and product information, readying itself for digital transformation.

PLUS Retail - censhare Customer Success Story
PLUS Retail - censhare Customer Success Story

Competitive edge through efficient production

With around 270 stores across the Netherlands, PLUS Retail is a nationwide cooperation which has a powerful competitive advantage over many of its rivals. Working with individual store owners, the chain leverages flexibility and insight to tailor its offers for local customers a steady stream of customer communications.

Egmont Storyhouse - censhare Customer Success Story
Egmont Storyhouse - censhare Customer Success Story

Better magazines at lower cost

This large European publisher has applied automation to content production and associated processes, including the pre-templating of 70% of magazine pages.

Why censhare

Every aspect of our semantic database technology helps reduce time and costs. All content resides on a single platform to form a single source of truth and is interlinked, bringing every image, video, document and file under complete control.


Proven track record

Close collaboration with our clients has created a product that is fit for purpose and solves real life needs. Rely on exceptional depth of experience gained from working with hundreds of leading brands around the world.

Mature technology

Our technology has been developed and refined over two decades to help you find the right content in an instant and use it where it adds most value to your business. It adapts to your workflows and infrastructure, developing and maturing alongside your organization.

How an omnichannel content platform can help

Connect and master all of your brand assets, product information and workflows with one central platform and automate omnichannel content processes.

Omnichannel Content Platform

Content mastery for every business sector

Whether you’re a retailer, a manufacturer, in finance & insurance, or in media & publishing – censhare enables you to master your content.

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