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Easier interactions

Today’s web users often need to download information such as documents, product information and manuals. They interact with websites and upload their own content.

Opening up access to your content creates new opportunities for your business and a better experience for your customers.

censhare Modules for Omnichannel Content Management

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Mastering your content with total flexibility

Generate greater value - Provide personalized, content driven experiences.
Open new possibilities - Enable easy exchange of information and content with applications and channels.
Reduce costs - Avoid the complexity of separate systems and interfaces.
Create your own user interface - Achieve more individualized content production processes such as approval, workflows and more.


HCMS Client Starter Kit

This optional Starter Kit consists of standardized building blocks to create customized extensions for censhare.

  • Provisioning of a React framework that uses the APIs of the HCMS Module to connect to censhare
  • Includes Media Room, a lightweight web application enabling external users to find and work with assets stored in censhare without requiring direct access to the core censhare system


agencies using the system

die Mobiliar - censhare Customer Success Story

Flexible Interface

Reuse all your content

Reuse and publish content to or pull content from any device or channel.

Support your developers

Let frontend developers use their favorite frameworks and tools to use censhare

Scales flexibly

Delivery infrastructure scales easily and flexibly.

No satellites required

Establish a system-to-system connection with the content management and production system server without additional satellite infrastructure

"We manage nearly 300 delivery points for our weekly flyer, promoting multiple offers and constantly changing store information. The censhare system had the necessary flexibility. That’s something not found in many other solutions."
Joyce Stekelenburg,

Specialist Communication Processes, PLUS Retail

HCMS Content Picker

The optional Content Picker enables content research and use in third-party web applications.

  • User interface based on HCMS that can be embedded as a plug-in or extension into the frontend of a third-party web application
  • Search, explore and use assets stored in censhare without requiring direct access to the censhare system itself
  • Supports full-text search with previews, intuitive sorting and filtering, and display of further information, e.g. metadata

Research in Action: Vendor Selection Matrix Brand Content Management Software, 2021

Other modules

Translation & Localization



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The Content Hub Revolution

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