Import and Export Any Type of Data

Ensure connectivity to other applications and systems and any type of data you need to work with.

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Easy and accurate data exchange

Many organizations need to import and export data, to produce marketing material or to generate reports. From images, texts, audio and video files to spreadsheets, specific XML formats and 3D models, the Connectivity module works with them all.


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Tap and share all available data sources

Easy data transfer - Export and import data with external systems.
Compatible - Standard file formats let you transfer any information type and document format.
Bulk transfer - Mass data import and export makes data exchange a breeze.
Artificial Intelligence - Work efficiently with automated processes and AI to categorize and improve content.


Link seamlessly with external data

Get capable, sophisticated yet easy to use connectivity that lets you connect your censhare platform to the outside world.

  • Drag and drop any file type
  • Accept and process any kind of information
  • Accept any kind of document including 3D models


versions of digital assets managed


Scale your production flexibly

Standard interfaces

Import and export any file type as a digital asset by drag and drop.

Data integration

The Connectivity module lets you connect to business intelligence and other software solutions.

Machine learning and AI

Automatically recognize categories, entities, sentiments of texts, colors, locations, texts of images, videos and more.

Developers welcome

Use the censhare API with a Development License for developing applications and user interfaces for specific use cases.

"censhare's platform approach enables us to enrich and organize product data in an efficient and differentiated manner. Consequently, we are well equipped for existing and future requirements of channel specific data exchange."
Oliver Odermatt,

Project Manager PIM, Leister AG

Flexibly enjoy all capabilities you need

Three distinct levels of connectivity provide the flexibility you need for importing data to censhare, working with that data and expanding the capabilities of censhare, and syndicating content as needed.

  • Level 1: Content Data Import and Export Interfaces via XML
  • Level 2: censhare Development API
  • Level 3: Advanced Data Integration with 3rd party services

SIMIO: Quintessence on censhare

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