Mastermind All Your Marketing Projects

Use the power of clarity to coordinate even the most complex marketing projects and deliver on time and to budget.

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Take control over every channel

Keeping track of different campaigns on different channels, can be a huge task. By bringing together all the information you need for marketing activities, from brief to creative to production, this module puts you in charge of the complexity, slashing time, costs, and errors.

censhare Modules for Omnichannel Content Management

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Tackle campaign complexity head on

Unify and orchestrate information - Track processes, workflows, approvals, markers and annotations.
Improve standards - Apply quality gates and completeness checks.
Stay on track - See exactly what content is required in which channel and when.
Simplify key tasks - Easily build a media plan with KPIs and evaluate results.


With censhare Marketing Project Management you can efficiently orchestrate your campaigns and stay in control with one system, from initial brief to final report.

Marketing planning

Plan and manage all marketing campaigns and tactics globally from one interface. Integrate tasks and implementation processes.

  • Administer marketing plans
  • Control and manage campaigns, tactics, briefs and tasks
  • Ensure costs do not exceed assigned budgets


efficiency in producing advertising materials


Project management

Plan and manage projects and tasks across the organization and external partners with a full overview of internal and external projects.

Gain transparency

See a transparent project overview

Define in detail

Run detailed project planning and management down to task and resources levels

Keep to schedule

Manage and organize deadlines and dependencies

Get visual reporting

Use visual reporting including Gantt charts and workload overviews

"We now experience one approval cycle per day, on average, which corresponds to three to four times as much output as before. That of course acts very much like a turbo boost for marketing.”
Dirk Zirnstein,

Brand Manager/ Projektleiter censhare, URSAPHARM

Budget management

Centralize budgets, broken down by region, department and branch offices – all with budgeted and actual cost comparisons.

  • Flexibly plan and monitor budgets
  • Compare planned and actual costs
  • Oversee all levels based on authorization


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