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Motor Presse Stuttgart equips itself for the digital age with censhare as a unifying omnichannel publishing solution across its global network of subsidiaries and licensed partners.

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One of Europe's largest special interest publishers, Motor Presse is represented in more than 20 countries worldwide. This multitude of magazines, locations, and departments resulted in a high diversity of editorial systems and other solutions. A centralized, uniform solution was sought to resolve these issues and to address applications in the digital area, and it was found in censhare.

Structural change is sweeping through the publishing sector. The trend is away from print towards digital products, which is a reason why we decided in favor of censhare.
Dr. Friedrich Wehrle

Former Managing Director, Motor Presse Stuttgart

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Working across boundaries

censhare meets the full range of demands and requirements of Motor Presse in an ideal manner: the software also enables the integration of external employees and non central editorial offices into a uniform, centrally controlled workflow across the boundaries of countries.

Only with censhare are we in a position to realize the new media channels that iPad apps open up in a cost efficient manner, as the software allows us to transfer magazine contents to the iPad at extremely low manual input.
Harald Humke

Managing Editor, Motor Presse Stuttgart


About Motor Presse Stuttgart

Motor Presse Stuttgart – In the years following the founding of the publishers in 1946, the Motor Presse has expanded both within Germany and internationally, becoming one of Europe’s leading special interest publishing houses. Today, Motor Presse Stuttgart publishes over 120 magazines across the globe, exploring topics such as motoring, lifestyle, and sport & leisure. In addition to the successful print media core of the business, the Motor Presse has invested in and developed many additional multimedia offerings. The current portfolio encompasses online portals, mobile apps, TV channels, events, and services to maintain relevance in target markets.

Solutions for media & entertainment:

censhare’s unique combination of Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Content Management (CMS) offers the functions needed to produce publications effectively and efficiently for omnichannel consumption.


Better magazines at lower cost

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Automating the print and media service business

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A publisher in digital transformation

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