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publish-industry is building the business models of the future with censhare.

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In light of the digital transformation in today's media landscape the classic print magazine has reached its limits as the exclusive channel for the up to date relay of contents.

With censhare, publish-industry acquired an ideal tool in which the task definitions in modern omnichannel content management are perfectly solved. Not only does it simplify editorial work processes such as image file administration or the outsourcing of layouts and text articles, it simultaneously acts as a powerful communication medium for all the parties involved. It allows direct networking of information and contents, which in the past could only be processed with a great deal of lost time, if at all.

censhare has helped us to create an infrastructure that equips us for the future as a publishing house.
Kilian Müller

Publishing Director, publish-industry

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Fit for the future

Publishing Director Kilian Müller is certain that his company is excellently positioned for the future thanks to the censhare solution: "We couldn’t imagine or afford to work with multiple parallel processes. censhare technology paves the way for efficiency we would be unable to achieve with two parallel systems," reports the publishing director.

We want our content to be read at any time and on any device… With censhare technology, we are able to achieve just that.
Kilian Müller

Publishing Director, publish-industry


About publish-industry

As a manufacturer of unique trade media, publish-industry is a prestigious and accepted partner to industry today. The multi and cross media concepts are characteristic of the publisher's media brands. Readers in the focused target markets are provided with all necessary sector and trade information, meaningfully structured and selected - competently clear with the modern technology magazines, sustainable and deep with the annual reference books, up to date and modern with the digital PDF newspapers, fully networked with the online knowledge portals, and closely linked to their communities via social media platforms. With the subsidiary PICS - The Industry Agency - the company combines classic agency services with editorial know how in the three areas: corporate media, events and publishing.

Solutions for media & entertainment:

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Think global, act local

Motor Presse Stuttgart equips itself for the digital age with censhare as a unifying omnichannel publishing solution across its global network of subsidiaries and licensed partners.


Professional campaign management rhanks to efficient workflows and automation

HEROLD, Austria’s no. 1 directories service provider optimizes, centralizes and automates campaign management with censhare.


Better magazines at lower cost

Egmont is keeping its magazine brands as strong as possible for as long as possible as it diversifies into new services for its core audiences.

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