Tailoring Content for Pension Providers

AZL utilizes censhare’s omnichannel content platform to effectively communicate with more than 1 million pension holders in the Netherlands.

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AZL manages the administration and customer communications for around 50 Dutch pension funds responsible for the savings of more than a million people. Each pension fund has its own way of doing things and AZL must manage every change in customer communications securely – whether legal or personal – in line with tight financial regulations.

With demand for more flexibility growing and its old approach to customer communications typically taking six weeks to deliver new information to pension holders, AZL needed a fast and flexible way to generate personalized letters and marketing information on behalf of its pension provider clients – a service which was just not possible with its existing systems at the time. For example, AZL’s previous system made it difficult and time-consuming to vary the content or format of letters from its many pension fund customers to pension holders, with even simple changes taking up to 45 days.

Unsurprisingly, both AZL’s customers and its team were increasingly dissatisfied with such delays and the organization looked to censhare to resolve its issues.

It would take many days to make a change using our old system. In the censhare demonstrations it was just a push of a button. People could see it, otherwise they may not have believed it.
Peter Lemmens

Consultant Change, AZL

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The quest for a truly flexible system

A demonstration of the censhare Omnichannel Content Management system showed the successful turnaround of a new mailing at a rate at least 75% faster than the old system – partly thanks to the facilitation of a far smoother approval process. “When the proof-of-concept was shown it put a smile on people’s faces,” says Peter Lemmens, Consultant Change with AZL. “This was the decision point.”

AZL opted for hosting the censhare platform on AZL’s own premises and hardware, where it is now fully live and in use by its customers. The new system is already having a positive impact on AZL’s team, as well as its customers with its efficiency and flexibility enabling AZL to quickly tailor communications by flexibly assembling all the content for each pension fund, and to personalize text, swap logos, and change corporate colors much faster than previously. What’s more, the elimination of repetitive tasks has also significantly reduced the risk of manual errors.

Lemmens adds that the system is paving the way for AZL to explore new services in the future, such as generating detailed reports for the pension funds. As a second step it is considering ways to improve its digital interactions by feeding content, for example, automatically into the pension funds’ web portals.

Our customers see new potential and are asking if they can do new things in their letters. They’re also asking about other channels and can see new opportunities thanks to the censhare solution.
Peter Lemmens

Consultant Change, AZL


About AZL

AZL is a top-notch pension administrator. We provide administration, management advice and actuarial and communication advice for dozens of pension funds with thousands of affiliated employers. In doing so, we contribute to the future of some 1.5 million employees in the Netherlands.

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