1. hsevents-odwebinar-the-content-hub-2020.png

    The content hub revolution

    A session exploring the role of Product Information Management as part of in a centralized content hub. Host Theresa Regli is joined by contributors from Perrigo Co., a global leader in over the counter self care product, and censhare.

  2. webinar-martechinsiders-the-asteroid-opening-screen1.png

    The asteroid has hit... now what?

    An on demand webinar looking at how the current crisis should be seen as as a catalyst for digital transformation, as well as how such a transformation can help in surviving uncertain economic times in the future.

  3. turn-your-digital-assets-powerful-content.png

    Introduction to censhare DAM

    Turn your digital assets into powerful marketing with this webinar, introducing you to best practices to turn your digital assets into powerful content.

  4. webinar-create-accurate-sales-marketing-material-from-product-data-2020-03-EN.png

    Introduction to censhare PIM

    Learn about the PIM best practices which form the foundation of accurate product data, and enable the efficient creation of high quality marketing materials.

  5. ria-webinar-germany-dam-landscape-screenshot

    Analysis and insight into the German DAM landscape

    Peter O’Neill from Research in Action, speaking about the challenges that the German DAM market presents for the potential buyer, and how to overcome them. Only available in German!

  6. you-cant-win-smart-customers-with-smart-content-forrester-censhare-webinar.png

    You Can't Win Smart Customers With Dumb Content

    Traditional campaigns are boring. Today's empowered customers expect more engaging content, and so you need a smarter approach.

  7. censhare-webinar-fr-11-2019-non-la-gestion-de-contenu-screenshot.png

    "Non, la gestion de contenu n'est pas synonyme de chaos. Et on vous le prouve."

    This webinar series from censhare France presents the key components to effective and sustainable content management over the course of three episodes.

  8. censhare-webinar-fr-12.2019-lapproche-plateforme-de-gestion-de-contenu-screenshot.png

    "L'approche « plateforme de gestion de contenu unifié »"

    This second webinar episode presents content management as a powerful tool for growth.

  9. how-slimming-world-builds-brand-value-marketing-finder-webinar.png

    How Slimming World Builds Brand Value with Content Marketing

    In this webinar, Slimming World’s James Naylor discusses how he’s enabling content marketers via technology and engaging consumers across its platforms.

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