October, 2019


Analysing the Global DAM Vendor Landscape

Selecting the right technology for any project is a complex undertaking, not least for the automation of the digital asset management (DAM) process.

This on demand Webinar, Analysing the Global Digital Asset Management Vendor Landscape, hosts Peter O’Neill from Research in Action, speaking about the challenges that the DAM market presents for the potential buyer, and how to overcome them with the ideal vendor selection process and the right knowledge on current and future market trends. Available in English only.

Learn about:

  • current and future DAM trends
  • How best to plan your vendor selection process
  • How to develop a shortlist of those vendors best suited to your DAM and business needs

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  1. peter_oneill-reserach-in-action.jpeg

    Peter O'Neill

    Research Director, Research in Action

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  2. andrea-müller-beilschmidt-profile-black-white.jpg

    Andrea Müller-Beilschmidt

    Director Field Marketing, censhare

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