18. Oct. 9amPT, 12pm ET, 6pm CET


AI for Digital Asset Management.

censhare & savotex webinar

Our partner savotex presents the game changer AI - seamlessly integrated into Digital Assset Management Software. Furthermore, an overview of the development of AI, current potentials, applications and best practices for more efficient work. Generate texts automatically, classify images or automate entire processes? No problem!

Attend our upcoming webinar and learn from those who've done it. Right in the software, live on screen.

What will you learn?

  • AI Spotlight
  • How relevant is AI anyway?
  • What can AI already do today? In PIM, CMS and DAM
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • All the benfits
  • Outlook and Q&A

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  1. Raphael-Savotex.jpg

    The Specialist

    Project Management & Consulting, Savotex

    Raphael started his career as a trained media designer for digital and classic media. After that, there were several stations in the digital and pre-press area for large media agencies. The interest in automation and standardization then led to digital project management & working with high-tech software products.

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  2. Andy-Andy.jpg

    The Host

    Fractional CMO, censhare

    As a Fractional CMO, CRO, and Marketing Advisor, Andy & his team help censhare's sales and marketing teams to focus on commercial success. Heavily leaning on account-based marketing (ABM) plays, he drives sales & marketing alignemnet. A heavy bias towards action ensures better outcomes, i.e. revenue.

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