July, 2022


Webinar: Connect your marketing campaigns

A webinar on connecting Workfront, with censhare’s Omnichannel Content Management Platform.

Whether you’re managing product information, digital assets, or global marketing campaigns, this on-demand webinar is for you. Emmsphere Plus presents the censhare Workfront Connector, a solution which makes content and project work - exchanging information, creating content, structuring processes and workflows – simple.

Learn about:

  • Synching projects and tasks from WF to censhare
  • How assets are synched between WF and censhare
  • How proof is tracked in censhare
  • How this benefits and enables users

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  1. Josh Van Dyk Headshot.jpg

    Josh Van Dyk

    VP of Sales, censhare US

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  2. Chris-leaman.jpeg

    Chris Leaman

    VP Solution Architecture, Emmsphere Plus

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