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YOUNITY is the Swiss integrator and specialist in censhare. As an innovative company YOUNITY has made it its mission to fully advise and support customers in the modernization of their marketing communication using professional methods, techniques and highly specialized expertise. Be it multichannel publishing, crossmedia channeling, content first, Big Data or many other trends. We build a base together with our customers to create a central data source and a clear flow of information in the future - and this largely automated! We evaluate the market for solutions and integrate those who follow these aspects and provide customers with a scalable experience.
YOUNITY is a business unit of the Wirz Group. It stands for system-based information and communication solutions. We build on systems that have established themselves on the market. Our experts are highly skilled in project management, certified and experienced in the successful integration of complex system solutions. With our customers and partners, we maintain a close and friendly cooperation. Customers include companies such as MIGROS, Sanitas, Globe, Ochsner Sport and melectronics.


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