With a DAM, you also have to be able to plan..

Swiss Post controls and steers highly diverse initialization and planning processes in the communications sector with Digital Asset Management (DAM) from censhare.

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Swiss Post AG is a public limited company which is 100% owned by the Swiss Confederation. In 2019, it handled around 1.8 billion addressed letters, 148 million parcels, transported 167 million travelers by way of PostBus AG and managed over CHF 119 billion in customer assets with its PostFinance AG.

The company wanted to integrate higher-level planning processes into content creation. Based on the existing censhare platform, topics were to be initialized and controlled in a structured manner. Given the increasing number of communication channels, Swiss Post was increasingly confronted with the challenge of having to coordinate its highly diverse communication content, both in terms of topics and with regard to specific channels.

"By implementing topic planning with censhare, we have been able to consolidate diverse planning in one system and thereby achieve greater efficiency and relevance in communication efforts."
Michael Eberle

Product Owner, Swiss Post AG

From decentralized to centralized planning processes

Previously, communication planning was carried out independently in each division, usually via Excel. Within the individual divisions, this procedure worked quite well, although a great deal of time and overview was often lost in the process. However, coordination of content or topics across several Group companies and channels was almost impossible based on the previous procedure.

Consequently, Swiss Post was looking for a system solution that would provide the various divisions and their communication managers with a cross-divisional overview of all communications topics and channels. In addition to technical challenges, these objectives also placed high demands on the conception.

"Thanks to the cross-departmental planning concept, we were able to cover multifaceted needs in the company. What’s more, expedient, meaningful overview variants are available to management at all times."
Jürgen Kübler

Leiter Management Digital Channels Market, Swiss Post AG

About Swiss Post AG

Swiss Post Ltd is a joint stock company governed by special legislation. The strategic Group companies Post CH Ltd, PostFinance Ltd, PostBus Ltd, Post CH Communication Ltd, Post CH Network Ltd and SPS Holding Ltd are managed under its umbrella. This gives it the necessary entrepreneurial room for maneuver to handle its wide range of tasks. It is wholly owned by the Confederation.

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