aclevion AG

A censhare Platinum Partner based in Switzerland with 14 years of experience in solving client needs with the censhare solution.

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aclevion AG is a “spin of” of censhare (Schweiz) AG with a diverse team of experts specializing in digital solutions for the management of any communication content for multichannel use, with particular expertise in the following topics: consulting, conception, project management, requirements engineering, development, support, and operational support.

aclevion has a proven track record in realizing a variety of different projects for censhare customers in need of a communication content management system. These different needs stretch across a diverse range of needs, including:

  • Content Hubs
  • Content Libraries
  • Sales Literature Management
  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Marketing Portal
  • Brand Management
  • Media Databases
  • Recipe Databases
  • Discount Coupon System
  • Photo Shooting Process Management
  • Packaging Solutions
  • Print Automation
  • Diverse Special Interest Portals

Simply said, censhare can be used for numerous use cases, and can be expanded for new and growing business areas at any time.

censhare and aclevion – Together we offer a well rounded package for the relevant and successful implementation of the censhare system. Depending on the need, we even support third systems to enhance the full potential of censhare for your business. Our 14 years of expertise in implementation and support of the censhare system guarantees sustainable success for our customers.

  • System and process consulting
  • System technology and architectural conception
  • Project management and controlling
  • System engineering and development
  • Solution support and maintenance
  • Key user and user training