1. tourism-ireland-logo.png

    Irish tourist boards embark on joint DAM journey

    Ireland’s three tourist boards share a censhare Digital Asset Management (DAM) system to promote the island’s attractions

  2. leister-logo.png

    Added value with smart product data

    Leister, a leading technology group, found in censhare an expansive and flexible content and product data management system

  3. argusmedia-logo.png

    Centralized content production for global collaboration

    A broad variety of content output for their customers

  4. esa-logo.png

    Central PIM and flexible publishing

    ESA looks to censhare as a flexible platform to ensure the quality and relevance of its product data for different target groups

  5. ursapharm-logo.png

    Content centralization for efficient healthcare marketing

    Forming a central hub for all digital marketing content and product information as a “turbo booster” for marketing

  6. plus-retail-logo-colour.png

    Putting the flavor into food retailer’s marketing

    Supermarket chain PLUS Retail in the Netherlands depends on censhare’s flexible content management to promote its stores locally

  7. fa-davis-logo-new-transparent.png

    Publisher gets a healthy boost

    F. A. Davis is a specialist publisher which decided to tackle its multi faceted business challenge with censhare, enabling time and costs savings which make it excited about the future

  8. slimming-world-logo-new-transparent.png

    A new look for Content Management

    Slimming World uses censhare to efficeintly share 30,000 across the company and reduce book design planning time by 99%

  9. bauer-logo-3.png

    Rethinking how magazines are made

    Bauer Media uses censhare to make it easier than ever for its brands to create and distribute content

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