Irish Tourist Boards Embark on Joint DAM Journey

Ireland’s three tourist boards share a censhare Digital Asset Management (DAM) system to promote the island’s attractions.

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Attracting tourists is a global endeavor, with demand for content coming from organizations of all sizes, for a variety media outlets, and for audiences from all corners of the globe.

At the center of the effort promoting the island of Ireland sit three public agencies – Tourism Ireland, Fáilte Ireland, and Tourism Northern Ireland. These tourist boards depend on their access to a vast array of digital content in order to provide essential support for its tourism industry, and mid-2020 saw the deployment of the censhare Digital Asset Management (DAM) system to improve productivity and save costs across all three boards.

The censhare solution was the most economically advantageous tender solution in response to Tourism Ireland and our partners requirements. Eliminating the need to invest in additional systems meant that overall, the censhare DAM was the most competitive solution.
Patrick Lennon

Content Coordinator, Tourism Ireland

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The journey towards the all-in-one solution

Patrick Lennon, Content Coordinator at Tourism Ireland gives us the inside scoop on the journey they took in implementing a joint DAM among three tourist boards, in this presentation at censhare ecosphere days digital 2021.

This is the first DAM of its kind to be deployed for use by all three agencies and is helping to enhance interagency collaboration. Significant steps have also been made in efficiency, with one of the most important new capabilities for this being the management of video assets. The previous process of formatting and uploading video files to the DAM on an individual basis has now been transformed into the single step of uploading only one high resolution file to the censhare DAM, which is then automatically transformed into all required formats.

In addition, with all content now being held on the censhare platform with controlled user access, processes have been substantially sped up. The time is takes for teams to get campaigns to the publishing stage is expected for some areas to be reduced by as much as 50%.

Each tourist board deems the project successful. The go-live and transition phases have worked very smoothly.
Patrick Lennon

Content Coordinator, Tourism Ireland

About Tourism Ireland

Tourism Ireland is responsible for marketing the island of Ireland overseas as a leading holiday destination. It was established as one of the “six areas of co-operation” under the framework of the Belfast Agreement of Good Friday 1998. Its remit is to increase tourism to the island of Ireland and to support Northern Ireland to realise its tourism potential. It works closely with the two tourist boards on the island, Fáilte Ireland and Tourism NI, and with partners in the tourism industry at home and abroad.

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