1. slimming-world-logo-new-transparent.png

    A new look for Content Management

    Slimming World uses censhare to efficeintly share 30,000 across the company and reduce book design planning time by 99%

  2. bauer-logo-3.png

    Rethinking how magazines are made

    Bauer Media uses censhare to make it easier than ever for its brands to create and distribute content

  3. kwikee-logo-transparent.png

    Supporting the moment of sale

    Kwikee uses censhare to create, store, and automatically distribute complex data on 420,000 products so brands get the right content in front of consumers

  4. egmont-logo-new-transparent.png

    Better magazines at lower cost

    Order from chaos: Egmont has simplified magazine production with censhare. Egmont is keeping its magazine brands as strong as possible for as long as possible

  5. delius-klasing-logo-transparent.png

    Competitive Edge Through Efficient Production

    The special-interest publishing house Delius Klasing uses censhare as its central communication and data management platform to establish competitive media production processes

  6. migros_logo_transparent.png

    State of the art communication management

    The usage of censhare for the production of advertising material and communication management at Migros reduced costs and increased efficiency

  7. vitra_logo_transparent.png

    Multichannel, single source marketing

    The implementation of censhare has brought extreme increase in efficiency and falling costs for Vitra

  8. mohn_media_new_transparent_logo.png

    Automating the print and media service business

    Europe's leading print specialist decides for censhare in order to automate and improve its services

  9. endress_hauser_logo_teaserlist.svg

    Ensuring a "glocal" presence

    With a central content management system Endress+Hauser controls the marketing content of all channels

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