Publisher Gets A Healthy Boost

F.A. Davis is saving money and streamlining the production of its healthcare books with censhare.

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This healthcare publisher needed a single, accessible source of truth for its content. It also wanted to streamline its publishing workflows and simplify rights management in order to save the company time and money.

Initially implemented as a DAM system to store, manage, and make accessible the company’s artwork, censhare was then adopted as the organization’s workflow management system before it was decided to integrate it with F.A. Davis’ Klopotek ERP system. Now, censhare is home to nearly 100 projects and the same number of users, and holds more than 100,000 images, up from 20,000 just two years ago.

One of our senior project managers told me that, if we didn’t have censhare, she’d never have been able to release one of her titles to production.
Dan Clipner

Programme Manager, F.A. Davis

Looking to the future

F.A. Davis is in the process of training more external vendors to use censhare via widgets that their team has developed. Soon, to meet federally mandated accessibility requirements, all images will need alt-text, and vendors will be adding that to existing images beginning in late 2018. “censhare will allow us to make every one of our titles more accessible after this year,” says Cindy Breuninger, Director of Content Solutions at F.A. Davis. “We’re excited about what the future has in store.”

If someone wants to see chapter two of a particular nursing book in copyedited manuscript, where do they go to see that? Now they go to censhare.
Dan Clipner

Programme Manager, F.A. Davis


About F.A. Davis

F. A. Davis is an independent, family owned publisher of educational solutions for the Nursing and Health Science professions. Headquartered in Philadelphia, the city of its founding in 1879, the company is dedicated to developing teaching and learning solutions that meet the needs of nursing and health science students, educators, and practitioners. The breadth and depth of our digital, print, and online resources across disciplines and specialties provides a firm foundation on which to build the future.


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