Centralized Content Production for Global Collaboration

When Argus Media experienced rapid business growth, it found innovation in censhare to support its global content complexity with a single source of truth.

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Argus Media is an independent global media company, specialized in analyzing the international energy and other commodity markets. Providing information like price assessments along with general market data, its services are of great value to their customers which demand a broad variety of content output.

In 2012 Argus Media went through an exceptional phase of growth. Adding more commodity sectors and regions to its coverage, the need for innovation was clear. The company considered many vendors on its search for a new, cloud based infrastructure, and decided to go with censhare. Its flexibility was key to this choice, as it offered Argus Media the ability to meet the needs of its global complexity challenges – large scale coworking, scalability, and speed – without compromising its traditional editorial production processes.

The factor that made censhare stand out over the others, was that the offer of the full stack of new emerging opportunities was made in a way not to neglect the traditional editorial graphic design approach.
Gabriele Crobeddu

Editorial Systems Manager, Argus Media

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A futureproof solution

Gabriele Crobeddu, the Editorial Systems Manager at Argus Media speaks to us as part of censhare’s ecosphere days digital 2021. During the conversation he detail the organization’s censhare implementation and its ability to adapt to changing business requirements, making it a future proof solution in providing a shared and scalable global environment for effective co-working across countries.

The seamless integration between censhare and Adobe InDesign has been a key factor for censhare in winning against the competition.
Gabriele Crobeddu

Editorial Systems Manager, Argus Media


About Argus Media

Argus Media is an independent media organization with almost 1100 staff. It is headquartered in London and has 26 offices in the world’s principal commodity trading and production centers. Argus produces price assessments and analysis of international energy and other commodity markets, and offers bespoke consulting services and industry leading conferences. Companies in 140 countries around the world use Argus data to index physical trade and as benchmarks in financial derivative markets as well as for analysis and planning purposes.

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