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DIE ZEIT - a great weekly newspaper goes mobile.

Even publications like DIE ZEIT, which regularly set circulation records in their print version, have to adjust to the accelerated information and communication behavior of their target group. DIE ZEIT’s traditional parameters, starting with journalistic quality, an appealing layout and including an attractive, while also selective pictorial language, are guarantees for enjoyable reading. For DIE ZEIT, it was important to be present in all channels, while continuing to build on these USPs.

DIE ZEIT’s app strategy is product centered: DIE ZEIT publishing house has two strong brands in DIE ZEIT and ZEIT ONLINE. ZEIT ONLINE is optimized for tablets. A censhare based app complements DIE ZEIT’s mobile strategy. The app is the ideal product for the print brand with its weekly publishing schedule: It has a beginning and an end, and in a bundle it elicits greater willingness to pay among the readers than a simple website.

censhare allows DIE ZEIT complete freedom in the design of their apps: InDesign layouts and dynamic HTML5 content are combined in a single app. censhare controls the automated content provision .

The editors can either choose contents from DIE ZEIT or the ZEITmagazine, edit all articles within the censhare system via the web, create new articles, or load selected articles as InDesign documents in the DIE ZEIT design.

One of the lessons we learned from our highly successful relaunch was that it is impossible to give too much attention to the design and the user guidance.

Christian Röpke
Managing Director

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DIE ZEIT is a weekly German national newspaper that was first published in 1946. The publishing house has belonged to the Georg von Holtzbrinck publishing group since 1996. The print edition appears every Thursday and the place of publication is Hamburg. The DIE ZEIT app was jointly developed by DIE ZEIT and ZEIT ONLINE: The editorial departments of DIE ZEIT and ZEITmagazine were responsible for the editorial concept, ZEIT ONLINE and the agency artundweise for the technical and publishing concept, while censhare contributed the app production environment that was then adapted to the requirements of the DIE ZEIT editors by censhare partner artundweise.

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