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Brand Management

censhare ensures consistent brand management across all channels, employees, partners, regions and languages.

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Accurate Brand Communications

Your brand is built over the long term. Errors in brand management can inevitably damage a brand’s reputation. Different systems, processes and external partners make it difficult to easily maintain consistent brand messages in all channels, regions and languages.

With censhare, you manage your brand in a completely new way. Integrated Brand Management keeps everything up to date, available to all users and controlled by regional requirements. Save time and money, improve the value of your brand and boost customer loyalty.

Brand Asset Management

Brand content, including texts, layouts, logos, images and videos, are saved centrally and made available globally.

  • Supports all file formats, including 3D

  • Automated versioning

  • Role and rights management

  • Management of user rights

  • Real time full text search for all content and metadata

Brand and Media Portal

Make media assets available online via the integrated media portal. A digital brand manual controls all brand relevant information and guidelines for employees and partners.

  • Pre configured media portal

  • Adjustable design

  • Digital brand manual / style guide

  • Template administration (PPT, InDesign, etc.)

  • Order handling

Liberate Marketers

The efficiency of your marketing organization is largely attributable to whether your staff can concentrate on core tasks or are bound by unnecessary processes. Learn how to identify blockages and understand hidden costs, improve your ROI and deliver successful campaigns.

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Web to Print

Employees and partners can edit pre-configured brand layouts from anywhere using just their web browser and create business cards or product and offer flyers.

  • Integrated Web to Print tools

  • Template definition in Adobe InDesign

  • Wizards for guiding users through the creation process

Approval and Access

Share approved content with your employees, partners and service providers. Integrated workflows aid collaboration and ensure accuracy.

  • Workflows for approval and collaboration

  • Access control for different roles

Brand Management extends the functionality of the censhare Digital Experience Platform and is fully integrated with all other applications. All content and information is part of the semantic network and available in every application.

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