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Digital Asset Management

censhare manages and relates every type of digital content within a central system, seamlessly integrating it into all content processes.

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Single Point of Truth for Brands and Teams

Managing, finding and sharing content for all channels is often a time consuming endeavor. Different data silos, formats and processes increase the workload and make transparency and efficiency difficult.

Working with censhare is different. Digital Asset Management (DAM) sits at the heart of censhare’s integrated platform and is seamlessly integrated into all planning, production and creative processes. Gain new scope and freedom, while safeguarding the quality and consistency of your communications and ensuring effective production and quicker time to market for all campaigns.

Save, Import and Export

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In contrast to a Media Asset Management (MAM), any file can be imported easily as digital asset into the DAM system by drag and drop or automated via interfaces.

  • All file formats supported

  • Bulk upload and export via drag and drop

  • Automated import and export via interfaces

  • Transfer of metadata (XMP, EXIF, IPTC)

  • Multi-level duplicate checks

Manage, Organize and Archive

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With flexible metadata, tagging can be adjusted to match your requirements for all digital assets. Based on the relationships between all types of content, a new semantic information level is created almost by itself.

  • Flexible tagging and definition of features

  • Semantic networking of all content

  • Automated versioning

  • Integrated image editor

  • Image and video version generation

  • Rule based archiving and de-archiving

  • Management of different language, region and content versions

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Gartner Market Guide for Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management is undergoing a renaissance as marketing leaders face new challenges in managing the growing volume, variety and velocity of content assets.

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Search and Find

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Content is found in real time within the censhare DAM system – search through full texts, filter results, collect favorites and launch complex inquiries.

  • Real time full text search for all content and metadata

  • Multiple views with filters: List, gallery, columns, relations

  • Detailed and expert search

  • Save searches

Sharing and Collaboration

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Individual access rights and workflows control the content governance and features available to all users of the DAM solution. Publish selected content on the web with the integrated portals.

  • Check-in/check-out functionality

  • Role and rights management

  • Administration of user rights

  • Temporary download links

  • Brand and media portal

  • XML feeds, REST and export interfaces

Universal, Smart Content Management

All applications extend the functionality of censhare and are completely integrated with each other. All content and information is part of the semantic network and available in every application.

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