Automation Delivers Efficiency Gains

ORT Gruppe relies on censhare to solve the business problems of customers like HIT. Efficiency gains of 35% and more highlight the success achieved.

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The ORT Gruppe is a champion of change, with its cross media history spanning almost half a century and today generating an annual revenue of some 30 millions euros, employing 250 staff members at 6 locations across Germany.

ORT relies on censhare to solve the business problems of customers like HIT. The mid sized supermarket chain of around 6,100 staff and an annual turnover of 1.45 billion euros was in need of a customer experience platform with a high focus on automation and omnichannel content management for mobile channels. Today, HIT's entire content management process is handled by censhare, with impressive results.

Automation is really the name of the game in projects of this nature. We achieved 95% automation level at HIT, resulting in efficiency gains of 35%.

Rüdiger PlästerExecutive Managing Director, ORT Gruppe

Business Results


of processes and templates


efficiency gains


integrated in print, web & app


brochure editions each week


personalized advertising media

The entire 50+ ORT customer roster is managed by censhare solutions, and each and every customer has benefitted from efficiency gains of at least 35%, while many have achieved even more. In addition, projects quickly pay for themselves, and 80% of ORT revenue is currently generated by censhare.

We embrace new technologies and use them to improve efficiency in marketing and sales to such an extent that our customers can't live without us.

Rüdiger PlästerExecutive Managing Director, ORT Gruppe

censhare Universal Content Management simplifies the use of digital assets to create omnichannel marketing campaigns. Combine DAM with PIM and CMS to automatically transform assets for delivery across channels or create a 'Single Source of Truth' of product related information.

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About ORT Gruppe

As a company, ORT Media Group covers just about all areas of contemporary brand and product communication services. From consulting to creation, design, production and programming all the way up to logistics, it bundles the resources and expertise of highly specialized communications companies in its Media Group.

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ORT Medienverbund GmbH
Europark Fichtenhain A2
47807 Krefeld / Germany

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For retailers, a universal platform that combines Digital Asset Management and Product Information Management cuts costs and time and helps build a consistent omnichannel experience for customers.

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