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Established in 2003, Spiria engineers digital change for companies driven by the passion to innovate and the desire to lead the way. The digital strategies and solutions created by Spiria’s 150 experts transform business models, customer experiences and operations. The carefully designed and skillfully engineered Web, Mobile and IoT solutions transform the way 400 businesses set across multiple industries deliver amazing experiences and define what comes next.


  • Multi-platform software engineering

  • Mobile Application development

  • Web Application development

  • Website strategy, design and creation

  • IoT product creation

  • Digital analysis, strategy and training

  • UI/UX design


Spiria Digital inc
10 Jean-Talon Street West
Montreal, QC H2R 2X1 / Canada

Étienne Gélinas
Director, Business Development
+1 819 205 1800 326
+1 800 972 0979 326
+1 819 319 1484