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New Emotions in Marketing

Enrich your customer messages with targeted, content marketing and accurate information for all target groups and channels.

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Financial companies serve target groups that demand a great deal of information for their decisions.

Customer insight, targeted distribution, and the analysis of high quality content are important for brand loyalty and the flow of information. Social media in the marketing mix increases customer engagement. The web, mobile, newsletter, print and social customer touch points generate dialogs and conversations. A suitable brand language can provide financial companies with more personality.

Personalization creates a differentiation of offers and possibilities for cross and up selling.

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With censhare, Mobiliar has found a solution that is comprehensive, modularly upgradable and future-oriented - a solution already established on the market.

Rolf Buess
Head of Marketing Support

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Financial companies can react to their customers with targeted content marketing . A prospective customer, researching on a specific type of product should be guided with optimized content and appropriate analysis.

With intelligent targeting algorithms, financial content can be delivered to the right place driven by the context of the user. Integration and analysis of information from “Big Data” can reveal dependencies of groups with similar profiles and suggest suitable financial products.

Content already generated in the company can be found, translation, adapted and reused: white papers, seminars, tutorials, direct mailings and videos for example. Compliance with financial regulations can be automated.

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