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Automation for the Benefit of Customers

As a marketing, advertising or full service agency, offer your services internationally for multiple channels.

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In today’s competitive environment, agencies with the ability to deliver on customer requirements quickly, internationally and personally have proven successful. Agencies that want to manage and produce various customer projects have to optimize the collaboration with their customers as well as their internal and external workflows.

Communicating in single output channels no longer creates a cohesive experience for target groups. Messages must be delivered via all channels, and exactly in the way that customers demand in their daily lives. In addition, there is a clear trend towards internationalization among service providers as their customers are also active worldwide.

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censhare is a symbiosis of technology and communication which really hasn't been seen before.

Dr.-Ing. Christian Fill
Managing Director

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The right system allows agencies to extend their portfolio and offer both content management and a segmented campaign approach. In this way, they are able to increase their output and the value of the services provided, achieving growth in sales and boosting customer loyalty.

Agencies require constant and internationally available access to their creative assets , shareable from any location . These assets can be created and maintained both locally and internationally via a central sharing point. Manual, labor intensive and error prone processes are now a thing of the past.

An intelligent system integrates all employees into a consistent workflow and manages all data flows in the background. Communication is centralized and teamwork is enhanced between colleagues, freelancers, sub-contractors, suppliers, customers and other external partners. The effective execution, management and analysis of relationship marketing activities are supported via analytics and automation.

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