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  • Vitra AG: Multichannel Single-Source Marketing

    The implementation of censhare for all campaigns and channels has brought extreme increase in efficiency and falling costs for Vitra.

    Watch Movie4:06 min
  • BMW: The Ultimate Publishing Engine

    BMW agency 7Seas boosted their output, shortened time to market and achieved higher quality at lower costs with censhare.

    Watch Movie8:35 min
  • Migros: State of the Art Communication Management

    Switzerland's no. 1 retailer reduced the costs of producing advertising material by a tremendous measure and organize the process far more efficient.

    Watch Movie7:43 min
  • Hearst Magazines UK: Well Equipped for the Future

    With censhare at the heart of the article-based production Hearst UK controls all print and digital media and achieves a massive cultural change.

    Watch Movie4:23 min
  • Endress+Hauser: Ensuring A "Glocal" Presence

    Endress+Hauser controls the marketing content of all channels, languages and subsidiaries globally with censhare as central content management system.

    Watch Movie6:22 min

Our Clients Speak for Themselves

Results: 26
  • Jaguar Land Rover Logo
    Jaguar Land Rover Logo

    I’m a big believer in sweating assets, and we’re bleeding this one dry. censhare makes our lives so much easier in so many ways.

    Ahmed Hasan Ahmed Hasan
Head of Digital Marketing, Spark44

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  • Hearst Magazines UK Logo

    censhare is a hub at the heart of our business that deals with the more atomized delivery of article-based content that we find ourselves working in.

    Watch Now
  • ORT Gruppe Logo
    ORT Gruppe Logo

    Automation is really the name of the game in projects of this nature. We achieved 95% automation level at HIT, resulting in efficiency gains of 35%.

    Rüdiger Pläster Rüdiger Pläster
Executive Managing Director, ORT Gruppe

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  • F.A. Davis Logo
    F.A. Davis Logo

    One of our senior project managers told me that, if we didn’t have censhare, she’d never have been able to release one of her titles to production.

    Dan Clipner Dan Clipner
Programme Manager, F. A. Davis

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  • Slimming World Logo
    Slimming World Logo

    Rather than talking about multiple systems ... we just talk about one system – the DAM – and censhare. And we’re only just scratching the surface of what we can do.

    James Naylor James Naylor
Group Publishing Systems Manager, Slimming World

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  • Bauer Media Logo
    Bauer Media Logo

    "If you were to reinvent the process of producing magazines from scratch today, it would look a lot like what we’re implementing with censhare.”

    Leigh Cresswell Leigh Cresswell
Product Director, Publishing Technology, Bauer Media

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  • Kwikee Logo
    Kwikee Logo

    We saw that censhare was very open - way more than other products we looked at. This meant we could add the features that we and our clients need.

    Mark Chaffin Mark Chaffin
Chief Information Officer, sgsco

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  • Migros Logo

    We have been able to reduce the costs of producing advertising material by a tremendous measure and to organize the process far more efficiently and transparently.

    Watch Now
  • Vitra Logo

    In marketing, censhare has brought us extreme increases in efficiency and with that also falling costs.

    Watch Now
  • Bauer Media Logo
    Bauer Media Logo

    "The Digital Unit at Steinberg has acquired a key function in continuously driving the implementation and support for business processes via censhare.”

    Daniel Röper Daniel Röper
Director of Digital, Steinberg Media Technologies

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  • Mohn Media Logo

    It is impossible to imagine things running now without censhare.

    Watch Now
  • Endress+Hauser Logo

    We regard censhare as our central platform that we will use to control and steer all of our marketing contents in future!

    Watch Now
  • 7Seas. we manage your message.

    We boosted our output, shortened time to market and achieved higher quality at lower costs.

    Watch Now
  • Hubert Burda Media Logo

    To put our work with censhare in a nutshell, I can say we are producing a lean, efficient and highly modern publication.

    Watch Now
  • REWE Logo
    REWE Logo

    We particularly like always having a single point of contact who is familiar with our specific requirements and able to provide us with solution-oriented support.

    Tanja Klever Tanja Klever
 Head of Pre-Press Production

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  • C3 Creative Code and Content Logo

    censhare is a symbiosis of technology and communication which really hasn't been seen before.

    Watch Now
  • Hevert Arzneimittel Logo

    We are able to transport our knowledge very well and very quickly with censhare.

    Watch Now
  • Deutscher Landwirtschafts-Verlag Logo

    Only a system like censhare enables us to handle all media channels with our existing editorial staff in an economic way.

    Watch Now
  • publish-industry Verlag Logo

    censhare has helped us to create an infrastructure that equips us for the future as a publishing house.

    Watch Now
  • w&co MediaServices Logo

    censhare covers for us the entire value creation chain from the editorial system right through to the entire process control of media production.

    Watch Now
  • Schweizerische Mobiliar Versicherungsgesellschaft Logo

    With censhare Mobiliar has found a solution that is comprehensive, modularly upgradable and future-oriented - a solution already established on the market.

    Watch Now
  • excellents communication concepts Logo

    We regard censhare as a platform to get our messages across to customers in a very direct and immediate manner, and as quickly as possible.

    Watch Now
  • DIE ZEIT Logo
    DIE ZEIT Logo

    One of the lessons we learned from our highly successful relaunch was that it is impossible to give too much attention to the design and the user guidance.

    Christian Röpke Christian Röpke
Managing Director ZEIT ONLINE

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  • Newmarket Holidays Logo
    Newmarket Holidays Logo

    The long-term value in censhare, for us, is automating as many of our marketing processes as possible.

    Liam Bennett Liam Bennett
Digital Asset Coordinator, Newmarket Holidays

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  • Motor Presse Stuttgart Logo

    Structural change is sweeping through the publishing sector. The trend is away from print towards digital products, which is a reason why we decided in favor of censhare.

    Watch Now

Industries at a Glance

  • Manufacturers

    Manufacturers from all sectors manage their brand with censhare in one single system. Realize effective communication for increased sales and boost the ROI for all marketing activities.

    Brand Management for Manufacturers
  • Retail

    Retailers manage products and prices, as well as control and steer campaigns and their brand. Catalogs, flyers and websites can be produced for all target groups from one single system.

    Marketing Workflows for Retail
  • Finance

    Financial institutions serve a target group that demands accurate and timely flow of communication. Our clients meet this demand with consistent information for all channels.

    Targeting for Finance Companies
  • Health

    Marketing can be created for all channels and target groups. Patients, doctors and stakeholders are informed across all channels. This enables health marketers to cut costs and increase their output.

    Multichannel Marketing for Healthcare
  • Publishers

    censhare provides publishers with tools for producing and publishing all print and online media. Creation for print, web and apps allow are carried out centrally from one single system - for all channels.

    Multichannel Publishing for Publishers
  • Agencies

    Agencies can enable their customers to precisely address target groups with an integrated media management solution. Communication and collaboration are centralized and production automated.

    Collaboration for Agencies