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Modules Help You Work the Way You Need

censhare modules provide the specific features you need to perform your tasks efficiently and effectively.

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Choose the Modules That Adapt censhare to Solve Your Challenges

Optional modules turn censhare Universal Content Management into a customized solution focused on your needs. Now you can use the features matched to the task in hand – plan, create and report on marketing content, produce and manage multiple variants of publications for different markets, manage translations and local offers, and more.


locations collaborating globally


of personalized variations of one email


websites relaunched in 22 languages


weekly variants of magazine in 10 regions


cut in yearly page costs achieved


censhare modules match the way you work, whether managing complex projects, translations or multiple variants of content.

  • Easily extend your censhare system with specific capabilities

  • Avoid paying for capabilities you don’t need

  • Grow your system now or later, at the speed that’s right for your business

  • Pick any combination and be sure it’ll work seamlessly

Universal Content Management simplifies the use of digital assets to create personalized marketing campaigns. Combine Content Management with DAM and PIM to automatically transform assets for delivery across channels or create a 'Single Source of Truth' of product related information.

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Headless CMS

APIs for the exchange of data with any system, device or application, and to control censhare via external systems.

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Print Production Management

Creation and production of print material with integrated page planning, workflows, and automation.

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Marketing Project Planning

Plan, manage, and visualize marketing projects and campaigns across the organization and with suppliers.

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Variants Management and Targeting

Create context between target groups, information, and content to personalize content based on user profile and segmentation.

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Localization and Translation

Manage translations for content and metadata, with interfaces to external translation service providers.

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Author, transform, and manage content on simple and complex microsites, single sites, and multiple sites.

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Import and export by drag and drop, or automation. Provides interfaces to external BI, ERP, MDM, CRM, CMS, MA and POS systems.

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censhare Technology

We develop leading technologies like our semantic database to create new marketing capabilities.

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See for Yourself with a Demo

Schedule a demonstration with one of our team and we can quickly show you what we mean by Universal Content and what this could do for your business.

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