Communicative intelligence

Relations create knowledge. Manage your information, processes and resources in mutual, interactive connections.

Calculate your communication

With Marketing Resource Management (MRM), marketing planners organize campaigns, budgets and resources with pinpoint precision. Via tasks, schedules and teams, censhare connects planning and execution and steers project management.

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Central dashboards improve transparency and facilitate controlling. Progress, results and KPIs can be monitored live at any time.

Make the most of your data

censhare ensures the central management, standardization, enrichment and searchability of all communication data.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) organizes media assets, and also schedules, profiles, addresses, tasks and much more.

DAM guarantees better quality and consistency of all brand contents, lower production risks and faster time to market of all measures.

Present your products in the best light

Product Information Management (PIM) connects product information with classifications and their contents, such as images, documents or videos, thereby controlling and steering the utilization in all media. PIM connects purchasing with marketing, and also provides an interface to the ERP system or commodities and merchandise management, resulting in more transparent and error free communication across all channels, regions and countries.

Convert information into knowledge

All data are placed and held in relation to their context and their particular relevance. With each interaction, new information is produced and knowledge represented.

Information Management opens up a new kind of access to information, modeling information as practical and applicable knowledge, thereby enabling the implementation of engaging communication strategies.

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Be ready for all channels and devices

censhare organizes the creation and production of all contents for all kinds of media, devices and target groups.

Content Management ensures the creation and classification of contents all the way through to layouts, templates, page, navigation or publication structures.

Content Management allows efficient and flexible content first solutions for fully integrated customer experiences and touch points.

Control and monitor individual business processes

Business Process Management (BPM) allows simple modeling of all processes, integrating tasks, schedules and resources as well as offering comprehensive features for controlling and automation. Business processes interact with all the information in the system, with people, contents and information, thereby controlling and steering an efficient, error free and transparent execution of operations in practice.

- 15 % Process costs

Promote effective teamwork

censhare supports the collaboration of internal and external teams, individual departments as well as entire corporate structures.

Collaboration encompasses an enterprise social network, as well as chat and comment functions with automatic notifications.

It integrates collaboration with production processes and makes all information accessible 24/7 via mobile devices or the Internet.

Right here, right now

censhare is the integrated solution for intelligent business communication.