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Raise Your Marketing Maturity

Improve your marketing quality and generate extra sales and ROI.

censhare Is for Marketers

Today, more than half of a buyer’s journey takes place digitally, without any direct contact between customer and vendor. With products and their quality becoming more and more interchangeable, and with people who are more motivated by an organization’s image (its messaging) than by its products. Companies have to fight the competition in the area of communication and branding.

To succeed, companies need to identify and influence people who are out there in a diffuse business ecosystem, which they can no longer control with traditional communication measures. Understanding and engaging the collectives that potentially influence and purchase a product or a brand, as well as knowing the key people in these external groups, is the #1 necessity for successful marketing and communication. To enable an efficient and timely flow of relevant information is what a Gartner Research survey discovered is the top-priority effort in marketing technology today.

censhare’s Digital Experience Platform allow marketers to cope with the increasing complexity of business communication and to plan, create, influence and monitor the customer’s journey. It enables companies to manage communication, integrate any type of information, optimize all measures and to connect people with content, products and processes.

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Manage All Your Marketing Activities Centrally

With censhare, organizations can initialize, install, and supervise formal processes for essential marketing activities such as planning, budgeting, managing and executing communications, as well as gathering real-time insights into all programs and outcomes. A wide number of internal and external operational staff can be included in the marketing process, reflecting the role of marketing effort as a broad and vital interest for the whole company.

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censhare offers a comprehensive range of tools for controlling and automation. Marketing productivity, quantity and quality can be monitored across all programs (even in real time) and the key figures can be included into an organizational assessment program for the whole company. So marketing performance and effectiveness will no longer be assessed by organic growth alone, but can be measured with KPIs which are broader than just figures from sales.

censhare has a unified interface that can be easily integrated, quickly implemented and understood within all departments. Operational roles can be defined, and internal and external collaboration facilitated.