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Healthy Solutions for Marketing

Centralizing the management of all digital assets forms the basis for targeted segmentation, regionalization and customer communication.

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Healthcare providers document research and innovation and offer consumers knowledge regarding the healing of illnesses. They aim to maintain their relationships with doctors, health professionals, hospitals, insurance companies and patients, and increase their brand consistency with marketing and PR projects. New products constantly have to be localized for all markets in which the company is active.

Gaining access to doctors and important stakeholders in the healthcare industry is becoming noticeably more difficult – the resonance of messages therefore has to be optimized via an effective integrated multichannel solution. Response rates are boosted by establishing a precise profile consisting of personal data and tailored offerings. In healthcare, it is vital to have a structured system for the digital assets of the organization, as well as a central storage source for compliance requirements.

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We are able to transport our knowledge very well and very quickly with censhare.

Mathias Hevert
Managing Director

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By using an integrated solution for the cross media creation of marketing and communication, all stakeholders remain informed across all channels. Images, audio and video files can be processed and content marketing enhanced. Health marketers who can easily find relevant assets with accurate usage rights cut costs and increase their output.

The authoring of product information , e.g. instruction leaflets or product flyers, can be split into smaller sections. These can consist of team, regional and product lines. In this way, the design and branding of websites and marketing materials is standardized internationally.

Consumer segmentation for strategic customer segments helps to optimize all marketing channels. By personalizing the way that customers are addressed, marketing is able to perfectly optimize customer communications.

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