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Based on proprietary software, censhare has now developed a news app for the iPad and the iPhone

censhare News

iPad and iPhone apps offer companies a wealth of new opportunities for marketing, sales and customer loyalization. Based on proprietary software, censhare’s development experts have now created a censhare News app for the iPad and the iPhone. censhare News keeps you constantly updated on all of the latest activities, developments, videos, events and blogs on censhare and the censhare publication system.

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censhare is the first software producer to provide all users of its single source publishing platform with the opportunity to create and maintain apps for the iPhone and iPad - in connection with all other publication content - by way of a single, central system.

Download our app from the App Store and you will never miss out on any censhare news. What’s more, you can find out how to create your own apps with the censhare WebCMS or the censhare Editorial System .

censhare News iPad/iPhone App