censhare ranks as top Omnichannel Content Management system

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May 10, 2022

Industry magazine KressPro has named censhare as a top three content management platform in the German, Austrian and Swiss market.

censhare’s Omnichannel Content Management platform - part of DuMont's UNITED Marketing Technology business unit - has been voted as a top three system for publishing and media organizations in Germany. censhare is proud that its impact in the market is making waves.

“Of course, we see this award first and foremost as a reward for our work, providing value to our customers. At the same time, it is also an incentive for us to permanently innovate and optimize our solution offering. Our platform serves not only the publishing and media industries, but a myriad of global, enterprise entities, and we are continuously expanding and improving the censhare platform for the long-lasting success of of our customers.“
Esther Donatz, CEO, censhare Gmbh

With German publishers such as Motor Presse Stuttgart and Verlagsgruppe News, it follows that the censhare solution is utilized by other large and international publishing and media houses around the world, such as Bauer Media (Grazia, Q, and Empire), Hearst Media (ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and Good Housekeeping), and Egmont Story House, and is helping organizations in multiple industries to master their content by centralizing it and switching to streamlined, highly efficient all-digital workflows, while also powering their growth.

censhare is honored to have its work in the industry to be recognized by KressPro. Every spring, KressPro determines which editorial and content management systems are behind the most successful media from Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the newspaper, magazine, and online publishing sectors.


“Since the start of 2022, some further major publishing organizations in Europe and in North American have decided to utilize censhare going forward, benefitting from our omnichannel content platform. In addition, our existing customers are steadily expanding their censhare usage and increasing its business value."

Esther Donatz
CEO, censhare Gmbh

This year the KressPro finding included some industry shifts and trends of some note, including the lesser numbers of vendors in play due to the fact that many publishing and media houses are streamlining their tech stack, and a focus on digital transformation for the omnichannel and cross-brand creation and management of content.

censhare is well placed to serve organizations in both aspects and is already helping many of its customers with exactly that.

Visit www.censhare.com to discover more about censhare and its Omnichannel Content Management platform, and how it enables customers to master their content.

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