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The Challenges of Personalization and Localization

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Digital has made the world smaller. Multiple online marketing and social media channels mean we can communicate simultaneously in more ways, with more people and in more time zones than ever. This ‘New Age of Communications’ offers a huge scope for the modern marketer, while also bringing with it two unique challenges – personalized marketing and localization.

The internet may have created one giant global community, but people, languages, dialects, traditions and social norms still vary. This divergence drives the need for translations and personalized marketing to fit cultural expectations, which results in multiple iterations for many pieces of content. Being able to personalize your sales message and localize every asset to reflect the right audience is not only important but expected. Many businesses don’t have adequate systems to do this and are left behind.

Learn About

  • How to win the customer with personalized content.

  • How to tailor content to the requirements of multiple territories.

  • How to overcome the inherent complexity that comes from customization.

  • And, how an integrated approach to marketing overcomes these challenges.

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