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How Slimming World Builds Brand Value with Content Marketing

Marketing Finder Webinar

Content is now the currency of brands. Consumers are making buying decisions based on a brand’s relevance to them rather than price or monetary value. In order to engage with these consumers therefore, brands are becoming media organizations, marketing leaders are recruiting journalists into their teams, and organizations are coming to realise that they have a second business: publishing content.

In this webinar, Slimming World’s James Naylor discusses how he’s enabling content marketers via technology, and how Slimming World is engaging consumers across its platforms. James is joined by our own Ian Truscott, Global VP, Marketing, an experienced B2B marketer and an early content marketing adopter.

James and Ian share their experience of the shift towards content marketing and brand publishing, as well as how you can let the creatives in your team... create.

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