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Monday Morning Memo: Why You Need to Know About a Meeting in Estonia, What the Number 280 Has to do with You and More; All the Digital News That’s Fit to Share

Monday Morning Memo

Another Monday morning and another roundup of digital news for you as you sip your coffee before the real work begins. The bosses of the EU discussed Europe’s digital future in Estonia this week as Twitter contemplated their own future and much more. There’s a lot to know so I’ll let you get to it.

Twitter to Test Doubling Tweet Length to 280 Characters – The New York Times

Twitter, famous for their strict maximum 140 character count for each post is considering doubling the character count. They think that this will draw more users who can’t express themselves properly in the current format, but analysts say they could face a backlash from their current users.

DX Procurement: Are You Buying Frankenstein's Monster or the Bionic Man? – CMSWire

This article by our own VP of Global Marketing, Ian Truscott, goes deep into the digital experience space and explores the benefits of an all-inclusive DX platform over what he deems a Frankenstack.

EU leaders gather in Estonia to discuss Europe's digital future – dw

Europe leads the world in digital regulation and leaders continue to discuss Europeans digital future. Atop the docket in Estonia is a digital tax for giant digital companies such as Google and Apple. French President Emmanuel Macron recently called them the "freeloaders of the modern world."

The Future of Advertising Is...AI. Wait, Maybe It’s Personal Assistants. No. Experiences. No, Hold On, Maybe... - AdAge

These are always fun articles to read, the truth is, though, no one knows the future. What we know from the past is that a sturdy foundation typically leads to a successful future. Buying new solutions because they’re “the future” is akin to buying magic beans. Look to proven present solutions that you can trust to evolve to keep up with the times.

Fewer Freebies for News Junkies After Google Offers Help to Publishers – Digital Trends

Here’s an article just for you; personalization at its best! Clicking a link on Google to a subscription news publication, such as the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, won’t necessarily mean you’ll have access to it. As the stakes are high to maintain quality journalism right now, this will help ensure that happens according to research Google did with various publications.

Douglas Eldridge Douglas Eldridge

Doug Eldridge manages marketing content from our US headquarters in Denver, Colorado. He started marketing for a DAM company because he thought it’d be easy, after all, once a dam is erected it’s saving the lives of anyone on one side and creating a wonderful lake for people on the other. Once he realized he was marketing for software company he became agile quickly and became a leading expert on semantic databases. While away from his DAM job he is a typical Coloradan, which means a lot of time in mountains and breweries.


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